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A garden in the making

I love a garden. I love gardening, no question about that. But starting a new garden from scratch…on raw farmland, on slopes, on rocksolid ground makes me re ask the question…do I really…I mean reaallly love gardening. To my own detriment…sigh…unfortunately, yes I do. I do love a garden and I do love gardening. With all its backaches and dirt and broken nails and sunburnt skin. I’m so crazy, I love even that too! and while I complain with utter self pity at night about my aching back and aching elbow, I think of the smell of fresh earth, of the fragrance of fennel and lavenders, the beauty of white Iceberg roses against the dark soil, the chickens digging just as hard as me to reach the abundance of earth worms in the fertile soil. I think of the infusion of camomile tea directly from the garden, the succulent veggies from our potager…and I complain even harder but wit a wide smile, because tomorrow I’ll be out there again, seeking again the sun, the soil, the fragrances and this pain for all the indescribable pleasure it gives me.

..stairs lading to future water feature with potager at the left and garden to the right – 2012..

garden in 2012 large

1..view on the “four à pain” – 2010..

The garden is far from finished and it will change completely again next season. But this is what happens to a garden, at least to mine..all of my gardens I first have to live in it for a while, before I really know what it asks for.

1..view on the “four à pain” – 2012..

2..view on the house2010..

2..view on the house -2012..

3..the very first diggings of the potager – 2010..

3..changing the potager  – 2011..

3..potager – 2012..

..view on the garden from the potager – 2012..

..white dahlias in the garden – 2012.. dahlia among the echinops..

..dahlias, echinops and Gubi..

..white marguerites around the cherry tree..

..whites, greens and greys for the garden, with touches of blue – 2012..

..the work horse for mowing the lawns  on our difficult terrain..

..the work horse for making new beds on farm land..

It will, not probably, definitely still take some time before we can move into our home and before we will be done with mud and stones and dust, but in the meantime, I can at least pick a rose or two for the house and get my daily dose of exercise by daily digging up the magnitude of weeds that takes over the garden the minute I turn my back. I suppose it is just a normal part of this garden in the making at Coin Perdu.


Textures in nature

We always admire the most obvious in nature – a stunning view, blinding lightning, a cute butterfly, sweet cherries, sveltering heat, cool rivers, colourful wildflowers, majestic mountains, playful clouds…

Moving in closer we start noticing the less obvious, but intrinsic part of nature – its texture.  The feel of the roughness of  treebark under your hands, the smoothness of a pebble, the prickliness of a rosebush, the powder on an old limestone wall, the stubble of dried moss, the cool dense coat of green moss, the lumpy skin of a warty toad, the slipperiness of slyme, the delicate  artistry of a spiderweb…

Just like human life, the “older” nature grows, the more interesting the texture becomes…except of course, when texture is your lot to carry from birth, like our warty old friend, le crapaud communBufo Bufo.

I chose to do shots of all “old and worn textures”.

…born old…

S: o,oo6s; A: f/5,0


…rust on an old chain…

S: 0,002s; A: f/5,0

chain in old wall

…old dried moss…

S: 0,002: A: f/3,5

dry moss on old stone

…a 150 year old wall…

S: 0,002s; A: f/5,0

old wall

…fine traces on an old brickwall…

S: 0,006s; A: f/6,3

old wall-1

…original stables wall from 1880…

S: 0.000s; A: f3,3

old wall 3

…an old weathered bistro chair…

S: 0,010s; A: f/13,0

old wooden chair

…rustic arches..

S: 0,25s; A: f/13,0

rusty iron arch

…medici pots, withstanding the test of time…

S: 0,005s; A: f/6,3

rusty medici urn

…gravel, smooth and rough…

S: 0,002s; A: f/6,3

smooth and rough

..a smooth snail on a smooth wall..

S: 0.008s; A: f/6,3

snail on wall 2

…the silvery stickiness of a home

S: 0,004s; A: f/5,6

spiderweb in fence

…a hairy creature in its  sticky home…

S: 0,004s; A: f/5,6

sir spider 2

This  is a contribution to the Sunday Stills challenge – textures, hosted by Ed Prescott.