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Have a great new year!

Hot chocolate. To bring warmth to a cold January 2010. And happininess.

…a happy 2010 to all…

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Christmas light.

May your Christmas be lit with love and a joyful spirit and decorated with gratitude and content!

An entry for Sundaystills – Christmas lights and decorations

Wine harvest in Vernou(Vendange 2009 à Vernou)

The wine harvest in France happens in October. Fall. L’automne. I present some images here from two weeks ago when we had a day of harvesting grapes/vendange in the biological vineyards of friends, where picking is still done by hand.  A family/friends day, where all family and friends started the Saturday off early morning with coffee and croissants, picking with vigour, enjoying a big lunch, restarting with heavy limbs, but still enough energy to engage in grape fights, and ending the day sticky, dead tired, but content and with fun memories. Until next autumn.

…early morning start…

vendange- in the vineyard

…fit as a fiddle…


…empty the buckets…


…into the remorque…


…piling up…


…picking some more…

vendange-picking 1

…soon to be…

vendange-grappe de raisin


vendange-casse croute

…afternoon picking…

vendange-vignoble 1

…taking a break…


..going home…


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Catching the wave.

With time speeding towards the end of the year, our Hawai’i  holiday feels far in the past. But the memories of a holiday spent in beautiful weather and in beautiful surroundings will stay vivid and and alive.

Having spent a whole morning just watching and capturing the surfers gave me some real burnt shoulders, but also some nice images. I used my long lens to get hold of the surfers deep in the ocean. The waves and surfing were much more spectacular the previous day, but as is always the case, I didn’t have my big lens on me. This young surfer caught my eye as he really showed no fear, took absolutely every wave he could, sometimes “literally eating dust ” (if that can happen inthe water!) and took such pleasure in his board and the waves that he became the focus of my camera. Such uninhibited joy can’t go unnoticed and should be recorded!

…catching the wave…!

surfing 8

…cool riding…!

surfing 4

…climbing high..!

surfing 7

…calculated tumult…!

surfing 3

…courageous flip…!

surfing 10

More pictrues of the Hawaii trip can be seen here at Myfrenchkitchen: travel.

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My world on a Wednesday.

Wednesday is a day like any other day. My world on a Wednesday is nothing special. so why my world on a Wednesday? I don’t know. No spesific reason. It came into my head. When something comes into my head, I must live it.  Voici my world on a Wednesday!

Cleaned uo the garden after coming from from 5 months at Coin Perdu. Met my old friends and new friends among the plants and weeds…famous for their presence in eurpoean gardens.

What did you do on this Wednesday? Nothing? Then create something to do on a Wednesday; go for a walk and pick leaves and go look them up at home; try a new recipe; buy a magazine you have never bought before and read it front to back; arrange one drawer; plant a tiny plant every Wednesday,take a photo of nature every Wednesday,  learn 5 words in a foreign language every Wednesday; choose any topic and read up on it for 10 minutes every Wednesday(an animal, a culture, a culture, a country’s history…)…there is a lot to do on a Wednesday, simple things that can be fun and can take only 5 minutes. so. What didyou do on this Wednesday? Do show and tell.

Je vous présente:

…Araneus diadematus(European garden spider)-female…

Araneus diadematus(european garden spider)


Europeangarden spider (Araneus diadematus)