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We love eating and  here at Coin perdu, our meals are as simple and straightforward as life dictates around here. There isn’t time for fancy creations and finicky foods. But simple is always good. Delicious has yet to come from anything else but simple.

More food at Myfrenchkichen.

taking a break for a croissant and tarte peche

frothing a cup memory on a spoon 8-31-2009 8-14-26 PM

crumb scoop old plates

tomato soup 2Petillante - Vincent Carême

tomato mozzarella saladeating with the handslemon crevettestarragon mustard and lemon chickencutting uppork for dinnera working kitchenfood on the shelvesred wine and saladshake the pansome lemon juicesprinkling salt

picnic1picnic2a glass of wineanniversaire de Marinelldinner on a barrelbirthday liegoisefestive firewine and dinenibblings by the firedinner under the starschopping for dinnerdinner by Liandri


2 responses

  1. Julie

    Is your food art available for purchase? I love your cookbook and the art on your blog is so beautiful. Please let me know!! 🙂


    March 9, 2010 at 9:33 pm

    • Hi Julie! Thank you for your visit and the lovely comment you left! I apologize for responding so late..we just cam back from Oslo yesterday…I’m still in a wonderful Norwegian haze…SO beautiful and magical! Yes, my art is available. You can see my art on I rarely sell online, but I have on occasion sold some pieces and sent it off. So, on Africantapestry, some are sold, some still available. You can browse the site and if you see something you’re interested in, you can email me and I can give further info…

      Hope you have a great season wherever you are and I look forward to hear from you! Thanks again! Warmest Ronelle

      March 17, 2010 at 6:55 pm

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