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A second birthday in the French countryside.

August gave way to the celebration of a second birthdya here at Coin Perdu. This time round, we only took a break in between work for early morning croissants and coffee, a gift, a song and continued later the evening with a meal around the fire…where else!

…starting off the day…

starting off the day

The day started off like any other ay the last few months…old clothes, gloves, work and sweat. But no, nowhere on the chantier(construction site)  was I to be seen. After all, I was birthday girl! So for this dayI roamed about in pretty clothes(to be simply translated as clean clothes !)


taking a break for a croissant and tarte peche

And for early morning coffee break, we sat in the shade of the walnut tree. Took of the gloves and feasted on croissants and tarte peches.

…froth on a cup…

frothing a cup

Gifts were unwrapped…no boughs and pretty paper this year though! In the spirit of the working year, they came clothed in newspaper and wrappings from the brocantes where they were bought. I giggled at the gifts, clearly seeing the attention that was paid to my comments on our stroll at the brocantes.

…olde worlde…

memory on a spoon 8-31-2009 8-14-26 PMold plates crumb scoop

And last, but not least. An end to another birthday here at Coin Perdu. A special day with all my loved ones close to me.


Petillante - Vincent Carême


A first birthday at Coin Perdu

Birthdays can be festive. Even in ruins. Or among the rubble. One only needs a sense of adventure. A sense of humor. A sunset and a candle.

So was our first birthday, having Marinell as the privileged member of the family to experience her birthday at Coin Perdu!

The day started off early morning with café liégeois and panini in Brive la Gaillarde and ended with a festive occasion on a beautiful hot summer’s evening at Coin Perdu, in front of the house, amidst the masonry… sunset and blue skies, good food and a smoky fire, special friends, candles and wine, laughter and jokes. The list of carnival can go on and on; from the nibblings on olives in cups around the fire to the gazing at stars in a dark and quiet expanse.

…birthday liégeois…

birthday liegoise

…dinner under the stars…

festive fire

dinner under the stars

…nibblings in cups…

nibblings by the fire

…a cosy fire…

a cosy fire

…candles and wine…

wine and dine


…sunset on a birthday…