Taking a break in Hawaii

I am joining Hartman on a trip to Hawa’i, leaving tomorrow morning. Except for the looong flight, I’m looking forward to it. I am bit tired…could it be that summer was too much fun?

Apart from being tired and fatigued , I’m in a creative slump. I haven’t done much creative- wise so I hope to revive some energy in Hawai…will be dragging along both sketchtools and camera tools…anyone volunterring to be caddy?

The packing and cleaning up and dinner are awaiting me, so I’m leaving you with a sketch. Until October: Stay well, keep creating and make the most of the season you’re in!

…trying to get to Hawa’i…

trying to get to Hawai


Echoes across the woods

We arrived back in Montlouis sur Loire, our permanent home, from a six week stay at  Coin Perdu in Puy d’Arnac, where we worked a lot, hiked a lot, painted a lot, had friends visiting, so we wined and dined a lot and we experienced a lot.

With no Internet available, we were cut off from the outside world, or rather, we do sort of have Internet, but we are only provided with 56 kb/s by France Telecom which means that we have almost more ancient connection than the old modem system. So forget Internet, we don’t even try. Mobile phones only work on extremely bad mood days. We didn’t experience those. Fixed lines don’t exist, not yet anyway.  No room for television in our barn where we are living for the next few months. Civilized? I don’t know. What does civilized mean after all?


echoes in the forestAny way, the only means of communication that exists at Coin perdu are the echoes of our voices across the valleys and woods. Echoes would thus be my means of “phoning” Hartman at the homestead where he’s ripping out walls and floors, to come help me carry my painting stuff from where I’m splashing and splattering  in the woods, or in the hills or by the rivers. He has a fancy manner of whistling that is very distinct in its echo, I can only shout which breaks up towards the end in some sort of falsetto shriek, but it has its echo anyway. Or at least, it has Hartman showing up soon and that’s what counts. May I never have to show off my shriek. We had a friend visiting us who entertained us on his famous Tarzan cry. The echo had all the animals in the forest answering.  And fleeing. A Welsh Tarzan.  How about that. He still has to work a bit on his Tarzan outfit though…


I reveled in plein air painting and sketching, sometimes even completed three a day and I loved every single minute. My wardrobe can testify to that. I have to invest in a completely new wardrobe, but at least I can now stand in front of the mirror and choose my oil stained outfit for the day. Even our steering wheel is a colourful caleidoscope, an original abstract creation of expressionistic finger painting.

…en plein air…

le forêtpaint out